Anonymous said:  Why haven't you posted anything in ages:(

Hi, sorry about that. Alison and I are both extremely busy these days not to mention we don’t actually watch Brothers and Sisters on a daily basis so finding material to create from is actually very difficult. We don’t remember all the episodes and all the scenes and anything we’ve created in the past has been because at the time we were watching the show and so we would just make a gif of a scene that would come up.

Unfortunately that is no longer the case, yes we both still adore the show, but we’re just not watching it right now, and neither of us have in awhile because we’ve just become interested in other things whether that’s a new show or the fact that Alison has just started uni and I’m on my gap year, it’s just timing really (and we’re just not as bothered and invested anymore).

We do apologize for our complete lack of activity on this page and we hope that new fans can come and scroll through our archive, but it’s going to be dead for awhile.

- Sally

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stawp with the spam.

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Anonymous said:  i saw your tumblr and i think you should use your ig and stuff with thelastmedia com

Sorry what is ig? 

I can’t tell if this is a spam message or not

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brothers & sisters: kevin walker + S5

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‘How did you get so cute?’

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‘That was a dinosaur? THAT’S A DINOSAUR!’

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [9/10] Male Characters - Kevin Walker

Hi, Scotty, it’s… it’s Kevin, your least favorite Martian. Look, I’ve been on your planet for 34 years, and I still get a lot of things wrong. Like about money and work and people and life and… love and everything. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I think you’re amazing, and funny, and cute as hell, and I just hope that some day… maybe, I don’t know, three Martian years from now, ‘cause our years are longer than yours, maybe I could be worthy of your human love and respect. Whether we’re together or not. That’s all.

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